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How to copy DVD on Mac from one to another?

Nowadays, with the development of film industry, DVD films are becoming more and more popular. You may have hundreds of DVD discs at home and watch them every night and every weekend when you are free. At the time of enjoying these interesting programs and films, have you thought about copying DVD films for or from your friends? Have you ever been troubled with backup for these fondle admiringly audios but in vain? Have you felt sad about burning files and videos on DVD taking too much times and too complicated?

When Mac DVD copy comes to our life, all of the above problems are solved immediately, and you will never worry about being stuck by these annoying matters. DVD copy for Mac is one of best Mac software, simple but robust. Just with several simple clicks, you can copy DVD on Mac, clone DVD 5 or DVD 9 to same output format. This DVD copy for Mac OS X can easily make DVD clone for Mac while remain the audio and video quality of the original file.

Simply speaking, you can clone and burn DVD5 or 9 to the same format or compress DVD9 to 5; copy DVD films to ISO image or DVD folder; Burn ISO image or DVD folder to DVD disc. Copying DVD on Mac is one of the main functions of this best DVD copy Mac software. So how to copy DVD on Mac from one to another has become a big problem faced us. Just follow me to solve this problem step by step with several simple clicks.

Step 1, please download and stall DVD copy for Mac.

Copy DVD on Mac& burn DVD folder&ISO file to dic- free download Mac DVD copy

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Step 2, open DVD folder in the source box to select your DVD disc.

Copy DVD on Mac& burn DVD folder&ISO file to dic- free download Mac DVD copy

Step 3, choose DVD±ROM drive in the target box.

Step 4, click main movie mode button to get the main movie. You can also choose full movie mode at your will.

Step 5, setting. ( optional)

Copy DVD on Mac& burn DVD folder&ISO file to dic- free download Mac DVD copy

You can click the triangle on the right of the interface to expand the setting panel, and then select the temporary file folder to save. Audio and subtitle is for you to choose all, no or part to copy. If you need the DVD menu in the copy one, please select include menu. Otherwise you can choose skip menu.

Step 6, please click the round button at the bottom right and then choose the type of the target disc you want to insert in the size dialog box. And now the software starts reading, the first process.

Step 7, you will get a waiting for disc dialog box after the reading process is finished.

Insert an empty DVD disc and then click retry to continue. Otherwise, if the disc is not empty, it will remind you of erasing or not. You can choose yes or no.

Step 8, the software start to copy after all these have been finished. And when the copy is finished, the pop-up dialog box will remain you exiting or copying another new disc. Just choose exit or next is up to you.

This is the whole DVD to DVD process. If empty disc is not available, you can change the target to save as DVD folder or ISO file in your Mac.

Now congratulations that you can copy DVD or backup DVD on Mac. You can enjoy DVD films and audios anytime you want.

How to burn a DVD disc from a DVD folder or ISO file

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