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How to convert DVD to iPhone?

DVD has been our primary entertainment means since it appeared many years ago. We record our most important moments with it and take out to review these special moments with our friends sometimes. We also like to enjoy the DVD movies and share them with our family members in the weekend. However, it is not very convenient to carry around because of its heavy and clumsy features.

As is known to all, iPhone has become an important part of our daily life. It’s so light and convenient that we can carry it anywhere we want. Besides, we can also watch movies or TV shows on it. However, it’s a pity that it cannot play DVD directly because of its limited formats feature.

Then what shall we convert DVD to iPhone and watch DVD wherever we like? That will be cool, isn’t it? Come on, with the help of Mac DVD to iPhone video converter, converting DVDs to iPhone will be a piece of case.

As the best iphone converter for Mac, DVD to iPhone converter for Mac is professional software that suitable for both commercial DVD and home DVD that allows you to rip DVD movies even with copy protection such as copy protection like region restriction and encryption.

How do you convert DVD to iphone for Mac? Just follow me step by step to convert DVD to your iPhone.

Step 1, download and install DVD to iPhone converter for Mac.

dvd to iphone for mac

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You can see some icons in the panel. It has friendly design but powerful functions.

Step 2, click Load DVD or Load Info to load the DVD you want to convert. Click Open to finish it. Click PLAY icon in the right side of the panel, you can preview DVD you have loaded. The SNAPSHOT icon will help to make some movie pictures that you like.

Step 3, click Chapter/Title icon to choose which chapter of the DVD you need to convert. You can also click Select All to select the whole chapter.

Step 4, if Trim and Edit is not necessary, please choose Audio and Subtitle for the output DVD. Click the drop-down list of Profile to choose a format for the output video, so that it is right for your iPhone.

convert DVD to iPhone

Step 5, click Browse or Open to choose the destination for your output video.

Step 6, click convert at last. And just wait for a while, the time it need depends on the length and resolution .etc of the DVD you convert. When it is finished, you can transfer it to your iPhone and share it with your friends anywhere and anytime you like.

Why not download and try it! Color your life with the magic DVD to iPhone converter from now on!

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