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YouTube Downloader for Mac

A Simple and Effective Way to Save YouTube Video on Mac

There are a variety of YouTube Video Downloader tools, free or paid, available for you to download your favorite videos from YouTube. Among which, YouTube Downloader+ (not to be confused with YouTube Downloader, from a different developer) is a free, Java-based utility that lets you easily download and save videos from YouTube.

This free YouTube Downloader+ uses Java, that's to say, this YouTube downloader software is platform-independent that can run in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. And it also means YouTube Downloader+ is faster and easier to use. Featured as a powerful and easy to use application, this best free YouTube Downloader offers a unique feature that makes it possible to extract video files names from the YouTube website. With a straightforward interface, you just paste in the URLs of the videos you want to download, and then hit Return, the videos will be saved as .flv (flash) files in whatever directory you designate.

There's not much flexibility beyond this core function, but you can also run the app from the command line, suspend downloads, and choose from several different languages.

This Free YouTube Downloader software also has other features for you to enjoy like: multiple downloads during one program session, easy to use graphical user interface and html format download report.

There are other free apps that can perform this same function, including at least one browser plug-in (and some junky methods without using an app at all), but YouTube Downloader+ gets the job done with minimal fuss.

How to launch YouTube video downloader+ for Mac?

Since Files Downloader is entirely written in Java it requires Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed on your computer. The minimum required Java version is 1.4.If your system is without installing Java, it is required to get one before running the Free YouTube downloader for Mac. With Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed, download Free Youtube downloader+ for Mac, usually it is enough to double-click on thMore tips on launching the free YouTube video donwloader for Mac.e ffd.jar. The other method is to type in the command-line: java -jar ffd.jar.

Then let's have a glance at the most important features of the free video downloader for Mac – YouTube Downloader+ for Mac:

• absolutely unique feature that makes it possible to extract video files names from the YouTube website,

• multiple downloads during one program session,

• Easy to use graphical user interface,

• Suspending downloads,

• Html download report file

By giving a total experience of this YouTube downloader software, we can share our reviews here:


Simple and lightweight

Easy to use

Supports multiple downloads



Virtually no preferences

Basic interface

In a word, YouTube Downloader+ may not be the best looking YouTube downloader for Mac but it's simple and effective. So if you want to keep your digital life simple and efficient, the free YouTube downloader for Mac should be your good choice.

Then if you'd like have a try, just free download YouTube downloader+ and enjoy it!

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